How to Become a Surrogate Mother for Undecided Parents or Couples

Having a child is one of—if not the ultimate dream of many couples. Not all, however, are going to be granted the special opportunity of actually having one, at least the natural way. For this, though, it’s proven to be such a relief to know that technology is working well for them in today’s age. One of the viable options nowadays is for couples to opt for surrogacy.

On the other hand, though, for couples who are still uncertain about the process and use of technology, they would still opt to go the traditional route of adopting.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is basically the process of taking a child from an institution, like an orphanage, and rearing the child in as their own. As they are not the biological parents of the child, the couple will have to fulfill certain state-imposed requirements in order for them to be legitimately recognized as the adoptive parents.

Caring for a child, especially one without any blood relations at all, is indeed a noble gesture that has benefitted many children abandoned by their own parents. Sometimes, however, it cannot be helped that the couple would prefer to have a child that’s their own.

Differences between Surrogacy and Adoption

The biological state of the child is the biggest difference between adoption and surrogacy. With the former, the adopted child may or may not be related by blood to the couple. In surrogacy, meanwhile, there is an opportunity for the couple to conceive their own child, although it will be carried by someone else. Numerous women are interested on how to become a surrogate mother, but the important thing is that the child is truly and certainly a result of their union as a couple.

The bottom line is that the process is able to help couples wanting to have a child finally make their dreams come true of having a complete family.


Surrogacy vs. Adoption. Creating Families.

How can/should a couple choose between adoption, surrogacy, and in-vitro fertilization (“test-tube” baby)? Quora.


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